Active Apprenticeships...


Some in the Community will remember apprenticeships as a form of indenture that young people entered on leaving school. It probably lasted for five years and more often than not was in some branch of engineering or in the construction industry.

Today the word has a very different meaning. Apprenticeships are now described as work based learning, designed around the needs of employers, which lead to national recognised qualifications (Usually NVQs). They can be used to train both new and existing employees and are available not only for young staff but also for adults.

The qualifications we provide currently are the following qualifications:

-        BTEC Lv. 2 Combined Diploma in Customer Service

-        BTEC Lv. 2 Diploma in Team Leadership

-        BTEC Lv. 3 Management

-        BTEC Lv. 5 (Award/Certification/Diploma) in Management and Leadership

-        Edexcel NVQ Lv. 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership

These help Apprentices develop skills needed for service sector jobs and give them the qualifications to back up these skills in job applications.

Lv. 2 qualifications are the equivalent of an A-C grade GCSE while Lv. 5’s are equivalent to a Foundation degree at University. This program is funded by the European Social fund which aims to improve employment and social cohesion in the EU.